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Vital Elements Distributor Kit


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1 Hair loss bundle – Shampoo, Conditioner, Serum, DHT Blocker Capsules
2 Topical Cream
2 Toothpaste
2 Lavender Bath Bombs – six each
2 Mango Bath Bombs – Six each
2 Healthy Hearts Dog Treats
2 Pumkin Oats Dog Treats
2 Gummies
2 Carmels
2 White Chocolate
2 Taffy
2 spearmint chewing gum
2 peppermint chewing gum
1 x 500mg unflavored Tincture
1 x 1,000mg unflavored Tincture
1 x 2,000mg unflavored tincture
1 x 500mg Mocha Tincture
1 x 1,000mg Mocha Tincture
1 x 2,000mg Mocha tincture
1 x 500mg Orange Cream Tincture
1 x 1,000mg Orange Cream Tincture
1 x 2,000mg Orange Cream Tincture
1 x 500mg Peppermint Tincture
1 x 1,000mg Peppermint Tincture
1 x 2,000mg Peppermint tincture
2 x 500mg Bacon Tincture
1 Founders pin
2 T shirts
1 Ball cap
2 Writing pens
1 water bottle


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